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The Perks of Do It Yourself Countertops

Concrete Countertop SolutionsWhen it comes to getting new countertops, your options are pretty wide open. There are plenty of prefab concrete countertops available, provided you like the edging, they offer the right size, and you enjoy the color. But what if all the choices were left up to you?  What if you could choose the color, create the edging you prefer, and make a countertop the exact size for the space you are filling?  When you do it yourself, that is exactly what happens, and a DIY approach can offer plenty of perks.

Save Money and Time

When you take a do it yourself approach to building concrete countertops, you will find that you can save both money and time. Without the need to pay for labor, you can save hundreds of extra dollars, which is always a welcome thing. You can also save by not paying a markup on materials from your builder. You will find that by not having to be dependent on a contractor’s schedule, you can also save a fair amount of time between when you decide you want new countertops and when they are actually completed because you can build them whenever you feel like it.

Save on Frustration

We’ve all bought a countertop or other piece of home hardware only to get it home and find that it just barely doesn’t fit or that it simply doesn’t work with the aesthetic of the room. This can be a very frustrating experience, and it is one that most home and business owners would rather do without. By building your own countertops, you can avoid this frustration and create the perfectly sized, shaped, and colored countertop for any room and any purpose.

Gain More Options

Speaking of size, shape, and color, when you go to the store to purchase a countertop, you typically find that your options are pretty limited. Sure, you could hire a contractor to create a countertop in the color, shape, and edging you want, but you are looking at a pretty hefty expense for something you can easily do yourself using a simple training video. When you build your own countertop, you can choose a single tint or stain or even create a patterned or blended look, depending on your individual preferences. The sky is truly the limit and you can easily create the countertop that will be absolutely perfect for your space.

Concrete Countertop Solutions

Concrete Countertop Solutions

Choose Concrete Countertop Solutions

Once you decide to build your own concrete countertop, the only thing you have left to decide is where to purchase your materials. At Concrete Countertop Solutions, we provide only the highest quality materials and training videos at the best prices. We will deliver your products directly to your door, making sure that you have everything you need to build a new DIY concrete countertop. Contact us today if you have any questions about our products or how they work or if you are interested in becoming a distributor of our fine products

Constructing Your Concrete Countertop

Concrete countertops are a newer fashion in interior design, but one that has caught on and spread rapidly. It is easy to see why; a concrete countertop offers the ultimate combination of practicality, aesthetics, and affordability.

How to concrete countertops

How to concrete countertops

Coloring and surfacing effects on the concrete can give it the look of polished stone, which is a much more traditional counter material. The concrete countertop can then stand up to water, stains, fading from sunlight, and more. Last but not least, a concrete countertop allows the homeowner to get sensible counters without completely emptying his or her bank account. These countertops are much less costly than the actual quarried stone that they emulate in appearance.

Constructing your concrete countertop is not exactly easy, but it can certainly be chore. If you have the right supplies, you’ll be able to create customized concrete counters that look great and can be used for any type of food prep or bar area.

Z Counterform Concrete Countertop

Z Counterform Concrete Countertop

First, you will need to plan out your counter. This is so that you can purchase the right  amount of molds and product to make the shape you want. You also need to make sure to grab dyes or integral colors and the sealers so that when you do arrive at later steps, you’ll be able to move on as quickly as possible. You also need a great deal of concrete countertop mix, which is usually specifically designed concrete that takes on a special strength that helps keep the concrete strong and gives it flexural strength.

Instructional how to concrete countertop videos can help as well. For example, Concrete Countertop Solutions offers many videos that can help you understand the tools you will be using over the process of construction. If you are completely unsure, you can try and look up even more information or ask a contractor a few questions. Don’t move forward too quickly – make sure you know what you’re doing, first!

You may be wondering where to purchase all of these supplies that you’ll need.  Concrete Countertop Solutions has you covered. This online store offers so many different concrete tools, mixes, dyes, and finishes that you’re certain to be able to find the materials that will create the look you are going for.

In addition, because it is an online store, you will get the materials delivered to your door, rather than having to transport them, which can be a major pain. And you’ll be able to order them all at once and know they’ll be compatible!


Outdoor Concrete Countertop

How to Make Concrete Countertops for Outdoor Use

 One popular installation nowadays is the outdoor kitchen. Many people have made their grills such an essential part of their cooking routine when the weather is nice that they have found it more practical to have a small kitchen outside next to their grill, even with an oven. This stops people from having to go back and forth, in and out, which is not energy efficient for the person or for the often air-conditioned home. One kitchen option that has gotten very popular for these outdoor kitchens is concrete countertops.

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Concrete Countertops by The Stamp Store

You’re Going to Love the enCOUNTER™ Concrete Countertop System Available From The Stamp Store!

Whether you’re a designer, an architect, or a building contractor whose clients insist on the very best, you need to know about the enCOUNTER™ System. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer who wants to be assured of consistent, quality results, you can also benefit from using the enCOUNTER™ System. For sheer beauty and durability, there’s really nothing else that even comes close.

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So You Want to Make a Concrete Countertop… Welcome, young Grasshopper!

encounter concrete countertop

encounter concrete countertop

So You Want to Make a Concrete Countertop… Welcome, young Grasshopper!

Sooner or later, every DIY guy (or gal) is going to want to take on a project that the pros advise against. Since we can’t stop you, we may as well help you. So here are the basic steps of how to create a concrete countertop: Continue reading

Outdoor Living: It’s Better With Decorative Concrete Creations

Packing up kids and pets and coolers full of food and heading off to the beach or the park may be fun, but imagine having everything you need in your very own backyard. When the weather is incredible and you don’t want to be indoors, wouldn’t it be great to just open a door and step out into your very own getaway?

It’s easier, and more cost-effective than you think to build your own personal getaway destination that will have your neighbors green with envy. Custom options and unique finishes can be yours with the versatility of decorative concrete.

JM Lifestyles serves New Jersey, Morris County, New York City, Bergen County and Essex County. We’re installers of decorative concrete, using lightweight, engineered mixes that offer greater versatility than any of our competitors. We can create virtually anything you could imagine, in any number of colors or textures. The wonder of decorative concrete is that it can mimic almost any building material. If you love the look of brick, field stone, cobblestones, marble, or almost any other high-end building material but find the cost a bit much, you can have the authentic look at a fraction of the cost.

What would you like to build? Perhaps, if you’re on a budget, you’d like to start small with something like a stamped concrete patio and a couple of planters. Later, you could add some concrete seat walls, and maybe a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace.

Once you get going, you’ll want to add on from time to time. Water features are always pleasing – perhaps a small waterfall or a koi pond? Both?

If you love to entertain, you could go all out with an outdoor kitchen. A concrete countertop and sink can serve as a gathering point where guests can chat while you cook on your grill. Perhaps you could incorporate a concrete bar, with seating for however many people you like. With drinks and food in hand, your guests can wander over to your concrete seat walls or gather round a fire pit. You can even add tables, chairs and chaises, all made from concrete.

Given the potential for decorative concrete, it’s easy to create a custom outdoor living space that you can add onto periodically.

With the many possibilities for decorative concrete, you really can customize your patio to suit your personal preferences, adding features from time to time. What ideas do you have?

If you’d like to begin planning your backyard getaway destination, call JM Lifestyles at 973-668-5057. It will be our pleasure to talk with you and provide you with a quote.

Concrete Countertop Supplies and More

Upgrading your kitchen, bath, bar or outdoor area with new concrete countertops adds value and character to any space. And now, with the easy to use Z Counterform concrete countertop supplies from Concrete Countertop Solutions, you can design and install custom concrete countertops yourself, quickly and easily.

With the award-winning Z Counterform system, you’ll have everything you need, including concrete mix, decorative edge forms, custom colors and more, to create a stunning, durable and functional concrete countertop, sink, vanity, tabletop or other custom cast in place concrete surface.

Concrete Countertop Solutions’ top quality concrete countertop supplies are available nationwide, get started on your custom diy concrete countertop today!

Custom Concrete by It's Concrete

Beautiful Concrete Countertops in Minneapolis

Concrete countertops are the versatile, durable, custom decorative concrete solution of choice for homeowners, builders and designers looking for a cost-effective and unique addition to kitchens, bathrooms, commercial spaces, outdoor kitchens, tabletops and more. It’s Concrete provides a full range of decorative concrete services, including custom concrete countertops in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding areas.

It’s Concrete specializes in creating one-of-a-kind custom concrete countertops that integrate distinctive color, texture, patterns and forms. They can help you design and install the perfect concrete countertop to complement the existing architectural features and color palettes of your home or business.

Contact It’s Concrete today to learn more about how they can help you update your home with beautiful custom concrete countertops.

Concrete Countertop Solutions

DIY Concrete Countertop Tools

Creating your own custom concrete countertop has never been easier than with the innovative products, tools and training materials from Concrete Countertop Solutions. Their easy to use diy concrete countertop systems will leave you with durable, beautiful and custom concrete countertops quickly and easily. Install diy concrete countertops in your kitchen, bathroom, outdoor kitchen, table top, bar and more. The options are virtually endless thanks to the versatility of concrete. It can be custom formed, shaped, colored and textured to beautifully complement any design aesthetic.

Concrete Countertop Solutions’ full line of diy concrete countertop tools includes magnesium floats, wood floats, steel trowels, screeds, paddle mixers, abrasive diamond hand pads and so much more.  They have everything you’ll need to create a gorgeous concrete countertop custom tailored to your specifications.

These diy concrete countertop tools, products and training materials are available nationwide through Concrete Countertop Solutions’ website and distributor network. Start your next diy project today with the top quality concrete countertop products from Concrete Countertop Solutions.

Z Counterform Concrete Countertops

How To Design and Install Your Own Custom Concrete Countertops

Designing, fabricating and installing your new concrete countertops is not as complicated as you might think. The innovative Z Counterform products simplify the process, and the step by step guides show you exactly how to achieve perfect results on each and every concrete countertop application. This article will outline the steps in creating cast in place concrete countertops using the Z Counterform system.

First, measure, cut and fasten the cement board to the top of your cabinets. Then, scribe, measure and cut the Z Counterforms to the appropriate length. Use the Z Counterform Edge Expert to hold the forms firmly in place while cutting. Attach the Z Counterform edge forms securely to the cement board substrate, taping all corners to ensure a tight joint. Install the knockouts for the faucet openings, using the optional self adhering sink forms for undermount sink installations or the backwall angles to create an opening for drop in sinks.

Fill in the entire countertop surface form with your concrete mix, ensuring the front edge of the Z Counterforms are completely filled, and add wire mesh to strengthen the countertop and prevent cracks. Vibrate forms thoroughly with a palm sander or pencil vibrator to remove any unwanted blemishes along the edge of the countertop. As the concrete sets, you can use a steel trowel to finish the countertops and create a smooth finish surface. When the concrete is fully cured, remove excess concrete from the top of the form with the Z Gem Pad.

Last, simply snap off the Z Counterforms to reveal your beautiful concrete countertop with custom edge forms. Your countertop is now ready for staining and sealing.

With the patented, award-winning Z Counterform system, durable, beautiful and versatile concrete countertops can be yours at a fraction of the cost. Contact the experts at Concrete Countertop Solutions today to get started on your next improvement project.