White Concrete Countertop Finishes.

Concrete Countertop Finishes

Concrete continues to be an extremely popular material for constructing countertops, and why shouldn’t it? After all, concrete is durable, practical, and affordable as well as being highly versatile. Concrete artisans can create beautiful effects by sanding, polishing, grinding or stamping the surface, and they can even embed objects in the concrete for increased visual appeal. There’s no need for plain countertops when there are so many possibilities in concrete countertop finishes.

Monochromatic Finish

This is simply an “unground” finish. Once the countertop has been released from the mold, no grinding is needed. However, if decorative aggregates have been included, grinding can be done to expose them on the surface of the concrete.

Polished Finish

To achieve a polished finish, countertop makers use diamond polishing pads. A 5-grit pad is used to expose aggregate, whereas an 800 to 1500 grit pad would be needed to create a high-gloss polish.

Veined or Pressed Finish

This is a technique that is best employed by skilled fabricators, and involves hand-packing a stiff mix of wet concrete into the mold, and then avoiding vibrating the mixture and slurry. This creates a void that can result in a pressed or veined appearance.

Protecting the Surface

Whatever finish you choose, make sure to protect it using the proper sealant. It’s essential in order to ensure that the concrete will repel spills and stains before they have the chance to penetrate into the countertop. Of course, even with proper sealing and waxing, concrete countertops will begin to develop a patina as they age. This frequently adds depth and character to the countertop, so it shouldn’t be considered a bad thing.

New Products at Concrete Countertop Solutions

Product Manufacturer, Concrete Countertop Solutions, has just begun offering Z Terra-Tint, which is their own line of dry internal pigments. It’s their first integral coloring system, and it comes in 3 lb. buckets with a 2 oz. scooper that makes it easy to keep each mix consistent.

They are also offering a brand new white countertop mix.
Z Counterform Countertop Mix pre-blended, all-in-one high-strength white concrete.  ”We think it’s one of the nicest mixes we’ve ever worked with. It’s perfect for cast-in-place, and it mixes, pours, flows and fills better than anything else ever tried.” says Ed Baldoni of Concrete Countertop Solutions.  ”We’re very proud of these additions to our product line, and we’ve already had wonderfully positive responses to them.”

You can visit the Z-Counterform website to learn more and find out how to incorporate these products into your next project.


What’s Great about Z Terra Tint?

More and more people are choosing to use concrete in their homes, both indoors and out, because it offers a decorative quality, versatility, and durability that is hard to compare. So, if you make the decision to use concrete countertops in your own home, then one big choice you will have to make is color. That’s right. You can choose from a variety of different colors thanks to Z Terra Tint. This tint, offered by Concrete Countertop Solutions, is designed for the sole purpose of giving you control of the color in your finished concrete countertops.

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Concrete Countertop Solutions

Concrete Countertop DIY Accessories

So, you’re gearing up to get started on installing a new concrete countertop in your kitchen. It’s Concrete Countertop Solutions’ job to make sure you’re ready for it! You probably know that you need more than just a pair of hands and a bag of concrete. So let’s explore some of the concrete countertop products and accessories that will help you pull off this project without a hitch!

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Building and Renovating with Custom Fabricated Designer Concrete

The advantages of custom concrete are renowned when it comes to unique one of a kind concrete creations. Those of us who are passionate about concrete, however, are always looking for new and interesting ways of working with it. So, while concrete countertops and tables of course, are a great way to build or create a working horizontal surface it certainly has applications for vertical surfaces as well. Continue reading

Concrete countertop z counterform

Where and When to Use a Hand-Crafted Concrete Countertops

- article on behalf of Concrete Countertop Solutions - Clarks Summit, PA

If you are looking for concrete countertop solutions, Z Counterform is one of the best solution providers available. Concrete is a great material for countertops, whether you need industrial or residential solutions. Best of all, Z Counterform specializes in do-it-yourself solutions, meaning you’ll be able to build and design your own countertop.

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countertop forms

Using Concrete Forms to Build Custom Counters

Building a concrete counter top isn’t just for professionals. If you want a do-it-yourself counter top, you have come to the right place. Z Counterform specializes in do-it-yourself solutions. With our premium products, you will be able to produce professional quality concrete counter tops and other materials in no time.

Z-Concrete Countertop

Z-Concrete Countertop

Concrete is one of the sturdiest and easiest-to-work-with materials around. While practice does indeed make perfect, just about anyone can work with concrete. So if you are building or remodeling your home and are looking for affordable but high quality materials, concrete should be among your top choices. Concrete is a great choice for counter tops and can provide a look and feel comparable to marble and other high-quality materials while costing far less.

We offer a range of concrete counter top forms that will help you craft the perfect concrete counter top. With our high quality forms you will be able to craft professional quality products. At the same time, concrete’s durability and ability to withstand heat and moisture makes it great for kitchens and outdoors. So why not craft your own counter top to your own specifications!

With our stains and other products, you will be able to color and dye concrete to your own specifications. This way, you will be able to choose exactly what your counter tops and other concrete surfaces will look like.

You can also get a form for other things than kitchen counter tops. For example, you might want a concrete shelf to place in front of your fireplace, or you might decide that you want a concrete sink. Z Counterform offers forms for such things and many more.

Coating Your Concrete Counter Top

Creating your concrete counter top is just the first step. Once your counter is formed and cured, we recommend applying a sealant to protect it even further. Concrete is one of the sturdiest building materials around, but certain things including spills can damage it if not sealed correctly.

Liquids and chemicals are perhaps the biggest threat to concrete. Why? Concrete is a porous material, which means that liquids can seep into concrete and leak deep into it. A sealant, such as epoxy, is not porous, however, which means it can protect your concrete from chemicals and other liquids. Epoxy is a resin-based material, meaning that it is very durable and very resistant to liquids and most harsh chemicals.

On top of that, our sealants are very easy to apply. We designed our products with our customers in mind. We know that many people will be using our products to complete work themselves; as such we have designed our products to be especially easy to handle.

Visit:  http://concretecountertopsolutions.com for products and inspiration on your next concrete countertop project.