Success Tips for Working with Concrete Countertop Forms

Building your own concrete countertops is easier than you might think, as long as you have the right tools and materials at hand. If you intend to make your own custom countertops, you would do well to consider using concrete countertop forms for the edges.

Creating Your Countertop Mold

The traditional method for creating custom concrete countertops involves making a form out of melamine. Using a melamine base cut to the dimensions of your countertop, you then cut four additional strips of melamine to form the sides and ends. After sealing the joints with caulk, you simply mix and pour your concrete into the mold. Continue reading


WoodForm Concrete Countertops for Outdoor Kitchens

Wood is a gorgeous material, but it requires a great deal of care and maintenance. It would be nearly impossible to have a wood countertop in your outdoor kitchen, as it would be exposed to all four seasons of New Jersey weather, including the harsh snows in winter and hot temperatures in the summer. WoodForm concrete countertops from JM Lifestyles provide the perfect alternative. These countertops are made of concrete but look like wood to the untrained eye. This allows homeowners to enjoy all the benefits of concrete with the appearance of wood.

Durability and Easy Maintenance

Because WoodForm concrete countertops are actually made of concrete composite, they require virtually no upkeep. The durable concrete can handle rain or snow as well as temperatures from below zero all the way up to the warmest summer days. Because of this durability, WoodForm countertops excel in outdoor kitchens, where they can add to the rustic charm without requiring a great deal of maintenance. They don’t even have to be covered when it rains, like you would have to do with wood countertops.


The manufacturing process behind WoodForm concrete countertops is part of the reason that they look so realistic. Each countertop is hand-cast. The casting itself is custom-made for a home or business owner’s needs, depending on the size and shape of the countertop as well as the type of wood they want it to look like. Thanks to various stains and the use of embedded custom iron dovetails, it is possible to have contractors from JM Lifestyles install a WoodForm countertop that looks like your favorite type of wood. If the countertop will be going in a covered area, you can even select a WoodForm concrete table with a live edge featuring bark. You can also choose to have leaves embedded within the wood-like pattern to enhance the appearance.

SureCrete Concrete Countertop

Concrete Counters Make Kitchens Sizzle in 2015


SureCrete Design Products

SureCrete Design Products




Countertops often are the surfaces in your home that take the most beating. They are also one of the most frequently looked at, talked about, and highly considered surfaces when purchasing or selling a home. When you are looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you may feel like granite, Formica, and tile are the only materials available. If you haven’t considered concrete counters, you are missing out on one of the most pleasing and durable materials around.

Virtually Unlimited Options with Concrete Counters

Concrete counters can add flexibility in both design and color for the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of your home. In addition, they offer a cutting-edge, modern feel. You will find finishes offered in high-gloss, an ideal way to reflect your lighting choices. You will also be able to apply a clean, polished look to your counter surface that holds up under heavy use.

What’s So Appealing about Concrete Counters?

Not only are these counters durable and scratch resistant, they offer a handcrafted and unique touch for your home. Most countertops are factory made, but concrete counters are crafted individually for each owner. This makes it easy to offer size, finish, edges, shape, and color suited to personal taste.

Concrete Countertop products like SureCrete Xtreme Series PreCast mix,  offer the best in concrete countertop durabilty and quality.  Their technology is by far the most advanced for any concrete countertop materials on the market .

surecrete-xs-precastAnother reason concrete counters are growing in popularity is they are affordable and can provide an ecofriendly option when remodeling your home. They are not any more expensive than marble or granite countertops, and if you need to reduce costs, you can choose from material that is recycled.


Why a Concrete Countertop Is Ideal for Your Outdoor Living Space

A concrete countertop can be the perfect solution for making your outdoor living space more convenient and enjoyable. Whether you are planning an elaborate outdoor kitchen or a simple area for barbecuing, concrete is the perfect choice, because it offers easy maintenance and is extremely durable. In fact, concrete countertops are able to withstand every season of the year without becoming damaged. Additionally, a concrete countertop is easy to clean, an element that is vital for outdoor cooking.

Benefits of Concrete Countertops Compared to Granite and Tile

Compared to other products you might consider for your outdoor living space, concrete provides a number of other important advantages. For instance, concrete can be designed to fit any shape or size without any visible joints or seams. This is not the case with tile, which has grout lines that can trap debris and dirt, and granite slabs, which must be cut to fit the desired size. Additionally, concrete countertops offer an almost unlimited number of options in terms of colors with the use of stains and dyes to create variegated and solid designs. By comparison, tile and granite counters are limited to existing color palettes.

When it comes to personalization or special effects, concrete countertops are also the clear leader. Tile is limited to the designs that can be pre-cut, and granite is limited whatever natural designs are found in the individual slab. Concrete countertops can feature any number of different designs thanks to the use of overlays, stencils, etching, and embedding.

You will also find that concrete lends itself well to a variety of edging details with the use of forms. Tile counters are limited to existing edge detail pieces, while granite edging can quickly become expensive in thicker pieces. Finally, concrete is not only weather resistant, but also can be custom crafted to whatever design you envision for your outdoor living space.

JM lifestyles Rustic Wine Tasting Room with Concrete

Rustic Décor and Concrete for An Iconic Look

Rustic décor, along with the Western and Victorian style, is one of the most culturally significant home themes in the United States. It takes its roots from Native Indian and Hispanic households, and has evolved over centuries into a chic and urban look of today. There is no denying that rustic décor brings a unique charm and elegance to your home that other themes may not be able to offer.

While rustic décor continues as a major home theme in the US, the flooring associated with this style has developed over the years. Traditionally speaking, rustic flooring involves the use of bricks, lightwood, and hardwood materials. However, many homeowners today; are opting for concrete products that mimic wood tones and patterns to perfection. Here is how you can incorporate a rustic theme in your home without having to worry about the wear and tear of your surface materials; like bricks and wood.


Concrete is a great material for flooring both, indoors and outdoors. For instance, you can apply concrete overlays on your existing interior flooring. This allows you to get a completely fresh flooring surface without having to worry about the costs of replacement and installation. Make sure to apply high quality sealers as they will play their part in protecting your flooring solutions from damage and wear and tear in the long term.


Surfaces and subsurface like walls, countertops, decks, and so on can also be incorporated in your home décor with wood styled concrete products. For instance, you can get concrete countertops for your kitchen, a concrete wall in dark wood tones and brick patterned flooring in your lounge. Concrete is one of the few materials that provide you with versatility in home décor that goes beyond the price tag!

Find out more about concrete products and how you can incorporate them in your rustic décor with JM Lifestyles!

Changing Colors: The Face of the New Concrete Countertop

JM Lifestyles Concrete Countertop Design

JM Lifestyles Concrete Countertop Design

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen? One area many people wish to change about their kitchen is the countertops. Gone are the days of boring old Formica countertops. The homeowners of today have more materials, colors and styles of countertops to choose from than ever before. If you’ve never considered using a concrete countertop for your kitchen remodel, be prepared to change your mind!

Concrete, Really?

Yes, hearing the words “concrete countertop” probably conjures up all kinds of interesting thoughts in your head. Put these pictures right out of your mind! Many people think concrete is dull, cold, and industrial, but nowadays, things couldn’t be more different. Because just about any pigment can be added to concrete, the color choices you have are endless.

In addition to being available in a wide array of color choices, the countertops can be poured to be any shape, troweled to any texture and given any type of look you want. Because each countertop is handcrafted to your specifications and preferences, you’re not going to have a typical cookie-cutter look to your kitchen.

Each installer will have their own colors and it will be different from other contractors, because each has their own recipe for countertops. With all the different pigments, stains and aggregate colors available, countertops made of concrete are guaranteed to be unique and won’t look like any of the typical ones you might see in a hardware or home improvement warehouse store.

If plain old white, brown, gray or black countertops aren’t appealing to you, then maybe it’s time you opened your mind to what’s available in concrete. As we mentioned, when you choose to use concrete for your countertops, the color choices are endless. Whether you are seeking to add some flair and drama to your kitchen or you want a countertop to compliment your cabinetry, it can be done. Even if you want your countertops to be the focal point of your entire kitchen, it can be done using a wild pattern or a mixture of vibrant hues.

When you are interested remodeling your kitchen and want to change your countertops, a concrete countertop is the way to go! Before you commit to anything, remember to pick a color that you won’t tire of easily and try pairing the colors you like with other objects in the room for contrast.

Once you’ve decided to install a new countertop in your kitchen and decided to use concrete, you can contact a local New Jersey concrete countertop installer to come out to your home and show you all the options available.

SureCrete Concrete Countertop Products

Commercial Concrete Countertops Increase the Aesthetics

posting courtesy of SureCrete Design Products

SureCrete Design Products

SureCrete Design Products




Business owners are always looking for ways that they can set themselves apart from their competition. They want to do better, and they want to look better. This is where design can really help companies make a difference so they stand out from the crowd. Using creative design elements such as concrete countertops in commercial businesses can offer a wealth of different advantages that Designers and Architects can explain to their clients.

What Are the Best Reasons to Use Concrete Countertops?

Designers can talk with business owners about all of the great benefits that come from using concrete for their countertops. For starters, it is highly durable, and that means it will last a long time with proper care. Companies will not have to worry about replacing their counters every couple of years.

Additionally, the number of choices is nearly limitless with concrete. It’s possible to cast it in many different shapes and a wide assortment of colors that will work perfectly for any type of company.

Another one of the great benefits of concrete is the cost. It’s a far more cost effective solution for a countertop than using natural stone, but it can look just as great. This means businesses can get the type of look they want without spending a fortune and that is sweet music to any business owner’s ears.

Some commercial companies out there may even want to work with precast concrete and take the DIY approach. This makes it easy to work with concrete since the mix is ready to go and pre-blended. Of course, working with professionals for installation can make things even faster and easier, and could be the route that many commercial businesses out there want to go.

What Types of Businesses Could Benefit from Using Concrete?

Many different types of business can benefit from using a concrete countertop, and when designers are marketing, they should really think outside the box. Concrete countertops would look great in coffees shops, bakeries, cafés, bars, juice bars, and more. However, think about how they would look in a doctor’s office or a dentist’s office instead of the usual bland countertop at the front desk area.

It’s true that these counters can work well for many different types of commercial businesses and offices because of the limitless potential of the look, design and longevity possible.

Z Counterform Concrete Edge Forms

Concrete Countertop Edge Forms Provide Designer Looks

Are you the “DIY” type? If so, have you ever considered making your own concrete countertops? If not, does it seem like a totally unrealistic project? After all, you have to use the right sort of concrete, somehow manage to pour it into a countertop shape, and then finish it in a way that makes it look like more than a slab of concrete. Continue reading

Encounter concrete countertop mix.

Concrete Countertops a Continuing Trend

You hear the phrase “decorative concrete” and you might think of figures and fountains of elaborate design, but the modern definition for the term tends to apply to more subtle forms and applications. For example, decorative concrete is found in many homes as flooring and as countertops. A lot of homeowners also use concrete stain in places like concrete countertops, and patios to give their homes a more decorative look.

Is it complicated to do? Actually, it is such a hot trend that websites like the popular TV shows have done extensive coverage on the “how-to’s” of decorative concrete and concrete stain projects.

Taking a look at them can be a bit overwhelming because it seems like there is a lot of work involved. Essentially, you need to read through any DIY instructions to realize that success boils down to two fundamental steps:

  1. Preparing the site properly
  2. Following the manufacturer’s instructions

Yes, that is really all there is to it. Naturally, just like any type of products, there are good and then there are better products. The outcome of a decorative concrete treatment does also depend on the quality of the materials used.

For example, if you want consistent concrete colors, it means using a product that dispenses the powders or compounds in precise measurements. This is the only way to get the same hues from batch to batch. The enCounter name is one concrete countertop product that is known for its consistency and top quality results. Those who are considering some decorative treatments for the concrete in their homes or properties will want to explore their options.

As a prime example, if you were using decorative colors and an acid stain on a concrete countertop, you would have to work in one or two batches. If the products did not dispense in precise amounts, and guess work or room for errors existed, you might end up with a job that looks very amateur.

Fortunately, you don’t have to risk that when you choose a trusted brand. Of course, in the end, if you are not using the materials properly you won’t get the best outcome either. This might be the time to look for some training materials prior to the project.

While websites with step-by-step instructions are ideal for learning how to prepare the sites you will treat with acid stains or concrete colors, nothing compares to proper manufacturer’s training materials. Make that your first step and you’ll enjoy DIY concrete success.

Acid stain concrete countertop - encounter

Acid Stained Countertops a Winning Combination

You’ve heard the phrase, “The difference between night and day,” and it is a pretty clear description of two contrasting things, and generally used to describe the impact created by changes. It can apply to people, places, and things, and the phrase is remarkably accurate when it is used to describe the differences between plain concrete and concrete with an acid stain. Continue reading