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Concrete Countertop Form Kit by PreiTech

As Concrete Countertop fabrication continues to grow even the big guys are jumping on the band wagon.  In the September 2011  edition of  THIS OLD HOUSE you can see the featured PreiTech product as the best and easiest way to form and cast concrete counters and elements. PreiTech has been leading the countertop form and pre molded sink and element business for years.  With their creation of easy countertop forms made of foam and finished with a smooth plastic edge just about anyone can now easily create a form for their very own concrete countertop or tabletop.

PreiTech has regional distributors across the nation and has everything you need to get ready to pour a concrete countertop or element.

With PreiTech the instructions are really this easy 1-2-3:

  1. Set the base material (plastic) sheet on a smooth surface like laminate – ( you can use water under it then squeegee it out to help eliminate air pockets.
  2. Peel and stick the PreiTech forms to the size and shape you desire on the base material.
  3. Remove the clear protective film from the base material and forms-

You now have a form into which you can pour your concrete countertop mix.

The PreiTech kit includes the following:

  • 3′ piece of Base Material
  • (4) 4′ rails.

The cost is $24.00 plus shipping and handling  –